Tuesday, 18 July 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for July

*Scheduled Post*
Hi Friends
Yes it's CTTY time again...
Time to link up the Christmas gifts you've been making, or progressing with!

Any Christmas gift at all - be it a Festive theme or not - it's welcome here!

The linky will open (W-Aust time) 9am today, & close midnight on the 21st - so you have a few days to join in.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Taking Time Out

 Hi Friends
Unfortunately I have to take an enforced time out from this wonderful community of blogland.
I've had a vertigo episode & just need time to recover.
Luckily so far, I'm doing that at home, however if things don't improve in such a way that keeps my Doc happy, hospital will be happening... cross fingers I don't go there!

I've also been found to have a few other health issues that have banked up on me without me realising it. And to top it off, when DD-C was taking me to the Doc, the car door caught in the wind & hit my forehead, resulting in a 2cm gash above my eyebrow. Bah😟

 Comments on my recent posts will be attended to as I can manage, & a post has been scheduled for 'Christmas Through The Year' on the 18th, so it would be lovely to see some names on the linky.

Keep stitching, keep blogging & give me some wonderful reading to come back to!

Monday, 10 July 2017

I Think It's Hexy Overload Month!

July is turning out to be a big month for progress on my Scrappy Hexy Quilt... every evening so far, a bit of stitching... it's a slow process & of course it takes time to remove the papers.
However, now the thing is actually starting to get big, it's so much more enjoyable to work on!

I've recently added the white hexy's along the right-hand side, removed a stack of papers from behind & stitched the top right block into place. Plus, there's always a block under construction.
mr17 thinks it's an abstract pineapple shape at the moment!

Come on ladies, show us your EPP!
Yes mine is always hexy's, but I'm seeing lots of other shapes too.
Linky in the right-hand sidebar - go for it!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

'Friday Night With Friends' for July

Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again for FNwF... always great to join in & get some good work done, as well as visit all the other ladies in the days afterwards!

Friday saw me out on my sewing room... pressing my white & blue fabric... cutting, stacking, cutting, stacking... just check out my pretty piles!
 3 different sizes of squares... 2½", 3" & 4½"... 432 squares total!
The 3" squares are destined to become half-square triangles (yes it seems I have a thing for hst at the moment!) so I spent a little time on Saturday afternoon marking them in readiness for sewing.

There is 16 blocks in this quilt... I definitely won't be doing a marathon of HST creating... rather I'll sew 18 pairs, then cut/press/trim, in order to create the 36 HST needed for 2 blocks... then repeat that process.
The thought of pressing & trimming all 288 HST continuously... um, nope!!

Thanks again Cheryll for hosting us... do be sure to pop by her blog & check out 'Friday Night With Friends'... it's great fun!

mrHS arrived home on Friday night, from an overseas work secondment... 4 weeks in +40°C made for interesting days... & walking out of the airport back home to 5°C "was really quite bracing", apparently! But no rest for the wicked, he's back to work on Monday.

Don't forget, Tuesday is PYT again... get out your EPP & get ready to link it up!
I'd love to see some more names on the linky.

Hope the weekend has given you a chance to do something really enjoyable!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Secret Sewing Is Finished... Now What?!

It's been decidedly wintry here in the past week or so... which is a good thing... because, well, it's WINTER!

Rain: great for the gardens & tank. Wind: to blow every leaf in the neighbourhood into a pile at my back door. Cold: to make it hard to get washing dry.
I just wish the rain was getting out to our agricultural areas, they need it so desperately.
I'd rather my garden be brown, if it meant the crops were growing & the grazing animals had something to eat.🐄🐑

My hands & feet usually go cold mid-May for their Annual Freeze, as I call it... thank heavens for gloves & thermal socks. My small reprieve this year is that the weather has been so mild during June, so I brought out the accessories a little later than usual.

Very pleased to have finished the Secret Sewing on the weekend... it's for the Christmas In July swap, organised by Cheryll... I really like what I've made, so now I just hope my recipient likes it also.

I've been a bit clueless about what to work on now... so I've decided on two projects to go between.

Project One:
the pressing & cutting the fabrics for a quilt pattern called SCARLET, which is not going to be scarlet, but BLUE... hhmmm, a new quilt name is in order!

Project Two:
A couple of years ago, I won this pack of Moda 5" squares...

My attitude towards batiks has softened somewhat since the making of the Sows Ear Quilt, so I decided it was time to sew with them... I've added some more squares & marked them in readiness for sewing into half-square triangles.

The colours are really so gorgeous, I love them... I've got a good feeling about this project!
I was having lots of trouble finding a background/solid to go with them... happily, an online order has been placed for that now.
Having a couple of easy no-think machine projects will be good for my MoJo.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Little More Scrappy Hexy Progress

 Despite what my blog shows, I actually have been sewing!

 Any time of year is good to sew with Christmas fabrics... secret stuff... well, secret for now...

I've also been sewing for school.... It's been fiddly, annoying & tedious... and thankfully, it's finally finished. Using a waterproof canvas of some sort, to make covers for various pieces of equipment for the Art Department. The equipment is housed in a semi-outdoors area, & really needs to be protected from damp air & dust... to be honest I don't even know what any of the machines do, I just made them a snug cover each! About 12 covers in all, no two the same.
Sometimes it's not a good thing when people know you sew!

So to the Scrappy Hexy Quilt progress... Another block is ready to stitch onto the main piece, & I've started stitching the next one together too... it's rather a repetitive process really, but I don't mind... it's actually a bit exciting to see the piece getting bigger now.
 With the Tour de France & Wimbledon starting soon, I'm hoping to get some good stitching done... keeping one eye on the action, & two eyes on the stitching😊

That's all for now... have a great day!
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