Saturday, 18 November 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for November

We are almost at the end of CTTY for this year!
Thing is, even though I host this linky, I have nothing to share, this month!

I've been doing CTTY both as a participant & host for a few years now... I've plain run out of ideas for things to make. I love sewing for my family, but as much as they love what I do, they've had enough of my handmade items😉 

Please, don't let this be a deterrent to those of you who have been making gifts during this month... I hope you will choose to link up here anyway, despite the failures of your host!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

EPP Tuesday & Some BIG Family News

 Finally back on track with this linky after a few hiccups the last two times!

Nothing particularly exciting from me... just continuing to tonk along with my Scrappy Quilt blocks...
I'll be adding two more blocks after these ones, then putting it away for a break.

Linky in the sidebar as usual... I hope you'll join in & share your EPP work!

Now to the BIG news in our family... Our Nest is officially beginning to empty... my DDY has finished her school psychology studies & has secured a one-year contract position in the Pilbara region of Western Australia... a town called Tom Price... about 1,525 kilometres from here!
Of course I am thrilled for her achievements, & this is a great result from all her hard work... BUT oh my heart😢 I know it's all part of life, but seriously wasn't she 4years old only a week ago?!
Good thing is, we'll see her every school holidays... she'll be coming back for seminars & workshops relating to her work.

I've been a busy little Elf in recent weeks... secret business... got all my sewing & stitching done for Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap... it's completely finished; ready to wrap & post off to a far away land!

Thanks for popping by & have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

My Sewing Has 'Gone To the Dogs' !

My sewing has gone to the dogs! But not in the way you'd think.

I recently unearthed this fun cotton drill... it was one of those "I'm looking for something else" finds... the fabric was perfect for making a new plastic bag keeper for my pantry.

Some measurements were taken, based on the old one... some sewing & pressing & elastic happened... & whoo-hoo I love the new one!

 Just look at the oh-so tragic state of the old one... it was given to me in 1993!
Yes, I see y'all gasping at how disgusting it looks😉

Three keepers were made... I had cut across the width of the fabric to accommodate the directional print... the decision was easy, just use it all up, instead of having an odd-shaped fabric piece left over.
The remaining two will be gifted or sold.

Something so simple & useful, but a little fun for the pantry!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Friday Night With Friends for November

Lovely Friday with Friends yesterday... patchwork friends... yes I got some stitching done this week... this is stitchery design #15 in the Ruth's Quilt series.

It's nice to see my collection of completed embroideries growing!

 And yes I did complete the zero-stitching effort from Friday a week ago.
 How cute is this little butterfly in the top corner of the design?!
 Unusually for me, no stitching last night... we popped down the road to our local beachside cafe for dinner... to mark a wonderful work recognition for mrHS (he well & truly deserves it!) & that he now has 6 weeks of holidays ahead of him.
Why not pop over HERE to check out the list of links to other FNWF participants... so much great work & inspiration to see!
Thanks Cheryll for hosting us♥

 SUSIE HOOVER or MIA... if you read this post, would you kindly check out my previous post (here) regarding Blog Comments... I've been trying to contact you😉

Thursday, 2 November 2017

No Reply Bloggers

 This post could also be called "If You Comment On My Blog, But Don't Receive A Reply From Me, Here's The Reason Why"

Like most bloggers, I like to receive Comments on my posts... & I make every effort to reply to those Comments in a timely manner...
still there is the issue of the dreaded 'noreply-comment' 😠😠

I'm sure that most people who show as noreply don't even realise that is the case... but I do sometimes wonder how it feels to leave Comments, but not get a response.

Seems that the biggest issue is Blogger User Profile settings, or Google+ settings interfering with Blogger settings... problem is, I'm not at all familiar with Google+, so I have no idea of what to write in terms of steps to guide people in changing them.
Most of the info I'm seeing online is related to earlier versions of Blogger, & I'm not sure if that's still applicable to the current version.

If you don't have Google+, it might just be a matter of allowing your email address to be visible... see this screenshot... make sure there is a 'tick' in the "show my email address" box.
I know that Chookyblue has some info on her 'how-to' page on her blog, so that is definitely something to check out. Please visit this link.

I've uncovered some other potentially helpful stuff too...
From what I've read online, I understand that if you have Google+, you can go into your Blogger & make the selection to switch to a Blogger profile.
Again, as I have no experience with Google+, I cannot declare this is absolutely correct, but also could be useful... I'm just not very tech or online savvy!

I've taken a screenshot of my own Blogger... you can see there are some options at the bottom in the SETTINGS regarding Google+.
I presume that if I had Google+, I would have an option of choosing between which profile I want, Google+ or Blogger.

If anything I have written here is absolutely wrong, I'm happy to be enlightened... but if anyone knows it to be correct, I'll add it to a new page on my blog for future reference.

PLEASE if you leave me a Comment & don't hear from me, it's because there is no email address attached to your Comment, therefore I cannot reply to you.
I'm not rude, or ignoring you, or ungrateful for your words, I just don't have a way of replying.

Interacting with those who read our blogs & leave a Comment, is such a great aspect to having a blog in the first place... we don't just publish our posts & move on, we enjoy the 'conversations'.

Lately, I've had lovely Comments from SUSIE HOOVER and a MIA, both noreply... sorry ladies!
They've Commented several times in the recent months, I do feel bad not replying to them.

I can only do my best!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Some EPP & Let's Play a Halloween Funny!

 Dear me... got my weeks mixed up... thought that today was the 4th Tuesday of the month... but no, the 4th Tuesday was last week.
So Sorry!

I'll put the linky in my sidebar, just in case anyone wants to link up their EPP projects.
And I promise to get my brain into gear properly for the resumption of normal PYT linkys!

Things are going well with the Scrappy Hexy Quilt... I've recently added the 3 topmost blocks you see here... & as always, I have a new block under construction.
Don't you just love the Site Manager... "yay, another soft surface for me to occupy!"
Currently, it measures 43inches wide, & 72inches long... four more blocks will be added at the 'top' to make it symmetrical once again... after that, I'm probably going to put it away for a little while.. . I feel I need a break from it... going to work on a few smaller items of EPP.

I am not much of a Halloween person, but I'd never poo-poo the fun atmosphere in the neighbourhood when the kids dress up & come out with their parents.

I have a little meme here to have some fun with... let's play!

I'll go first... mine is CREEPY GHOUL HUNTER !!
What's yours?
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